My favorite photos: June 2014

Every time I go out and take photos, I try to pick one favorite and post it on Facebook. I do this to push myself to take better photographs, and also to hold myself accountable—if I force myself to publish, I pay more attention to the photos I take. Of course, I still think I can do better. These are my favorites from June (as well as one or two from May).

A quick comment on ‘no comment’

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You see it all the time on television. A reporter is badgering a government official, attorney or other source with questions, and the subject says, “No comment.” At this point, the reporter either shuts up or keeps asking questions. Personally, I’m not a fan of “no comment” as the only thing you tell a reporter. It can mean a multitude of things: “I have nothing to say about this.” “I’m not authorized to say anything about this.” “I don’t want … Read More

PSA: How to find, save old Patch articles

Whether it’s between servers or content management systems, migrations can be the bane of many online editors. Inevitably, content gets corrupted or worse, lost. At Patch, the sites have undergone two migrations of which I’m aware—the first when the company transitioned from its Patch Classic to the Patch 2.0 platform in spring 2013, and the second when the content was migrated from AOL’s servers to those belonging to the company’s new owner, Hale Global. During the first migration, all photo … Read More

Twitter is easy.

So, it’s been a long time since I touched this blog. Since I last posted, I was hired as the local editor for Redondo Beach Patch. I later also became the editor of Palos Verdes Patch. I ran the two sites largely on my own until I was laid off, along with hundreds of my colleagues, in January 2014. Since then, I’ve launched My Redondo Beach, an independent hyperlocal devoted to Redondo Beach, Calif., as a project to keep my … Read More

So honored

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  UPDATE: My team was one of two recipients of the 2010 Rocky Mountain Emmy Award in Investigative Reporting. See photo. So, the Rocky Mountain chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences had its annual parties to announce nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards. Because I no longer live in the area, I wasn’t able to attend; however, one of my friends kept a lookout for my name. I am now a nominee for a 2010 Rocky … Read More

The cake analogy: In-market vs. out-of-market pageviews

I think almost everyone can agree that pageviews are important for any news site. The more pageviews you have, the more of a splash you’re making — and the more you can charge for advertising. Nevertheless, for local sites, some pageviews are better than others. Thus the cake analogy. Think of pageviews from within your coverage area as cake mix, and pageviews from outside your coverage area (such as those sent via or Fark) as the frosting. Sure, you … Read More

Blast from the past: Subprime meltdown

For my journalism capstone course, my group and I produced a website about the subprime meltdown with an emphasis on Rockbridge County, Va. I created the website, copy-edited the articles, put together the images, took photographs and put on the finishing touches. I’m most proud, however, of a slideshow and an infographic I put together: Slideshow: The Path to Eviction Infographic: Dominos on Wall Street

Food for thought and things that make you go hmm…

…are just two of the tags I use over at my Tumblr blog to categorize links I find noteworthy. That part of the site has become a repository of “interesting stuff” for me, and I encourage you to check it out. Plus, it helps me keep a handle on the number of bookmarked stories I have, and it keeps me from spamming all my Twitter followers with links. :) Should I follow your blog on Tumblr? Let me know!

PSA: New layout coming soon – Finished!

Since I started this blog, I’ve been meaning to design my own layout for it, and my unplanned and unexpected break has given me some extra time to do so. I should be done within a day or two; in the meantime, please bear with any display craziness. All done! In my opinion, ice cream is one of the best parts of summer (and, really, the rest of the year). Enjoy this sweet bite.

Handling stress

During tonight’s #journchat discussion on Twitter, one person asked how other participants handle burnout and stress, and it got me thinking. In my two years in Phoenix, stress hit me far too often, and I didn’t always have a way to cope. The following methods helped sometimes: Taking a walk Watching episodes of old TV shows on Hulu Chatting with friends on IM or the telephone Talking with family Playing Sudoku Crocheting blankets They helped, but they were like sticking … Read More

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