“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicole. She was easy to work with during high-stress situations, she knows her craft well and she never fails to deliver the best darn news story — and quickly, at that — no matter the subject. Nicole made my job easy by mastering AP style, spelling, grammar and punctuation. I rarely had to tinker with anything she sent to me for edits. And to top it all off, she’s just a really nice person.”
– Grace Peterson, copy editor at Internet Broadcasting

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During her time at Patch, Nicole distinguished herself as one of our operation’s most reliable, productive and creative local editors. She was an excellent reporter and writer, and very savvy with SEO, social media, Web content production and user engagement—all of which contributed to her being a leader in growing social media followers and unique visitors for the sites she managed. Nicole was a very fast learner who not only looked to apply new concepts but to advance and develop them. She often shared her technical expertise, and frequently offered to help fellow editors on breaking news and special projects—even when her individual workload was very heavy. Nicole is extremely trustworthy and holds herself to very high standards. She is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly.

Richard Core - Los Angeles


Nicole Mooradian has been an asset for the Patch since I came on the School Board. She takes an active interest in what is happening and attends our board meetings and other important events.

Nicole is the reason that I follow The Patch, which is the only news resource I get a daily email from. Nicole has turned The Patch into the best news source in the new media landscape and the best for local news no matter new or old media.

Brad Waller - Redondo Beach, Calif.


One of the finest editors I’ve ever worked for, Nicole is not only fastidious, she is extremely generous. Too many editors hack away at a writer’s work without thinking about context and flow. Nicole takes enormous care to preserve flavor and style while at the same time catching typos and errors of fact. She’s a jewel.

Katharine Blossom Lowrie - Redondo Beach, Calif.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Horsemen's Association

Nicole Mooradian exemplifies the highest standards of journalistic integrity and demonstrates technical expertise in the fields of both traditional and electronic media. In addition to her full-time job as a journalist, Nicole dedicates many hours as editor of a newsletter for our local not-for-profit organization, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Horsemen’s Association. Her professional and sophisticated style has elevated not only the publication, but also the reputation and image of the organization within our community. I have no doubt that the creators of every endeavor in which Ms. Mooradian chooses to participate will benefit greatly from the association.

Melody Colbert - Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.

Los Angeles Times

Nicole is a hard-working self-starter who took command of the job and quickly mastered every challenge we threw her way.

Ryan Hudson - Los Angeles

CBS 5 News

I have known Nicole Mooradian for the past 2 years and have always found her highly knowledgeable and helpful at work. Over the years, she has helped me regularly and been successful in the resolution of multiple website issues in relation to our weather and news information on the KPHO website. Her work also focused on training and improvement of the overall web product and she was instrumental in the development of the current/latest updated version at this time of the station website. Nicole is self-motivated, intelligent, very tech savvy and independent. Her abilities to manage, edit, update, and improve web site content are also enhanced by her education and motivational interests.

Steve Garry - Phoenix, AZ

Internet Broadcasting logo

(Nicole) raised the bar for editors to a new height that will be difficult for others to achieve.

Fred Olson - St. Paul, Minn.

CBS 5 News

Nicole (is a) hard working person that devotes all of her talents and energy to the job she is tasked with. Nicole takes initiative to acquire the resources needed to accomplish whatever problem she is faced with.

Sam Licavoli - Flint, Mich.

CBS 5 News

Nicole has an amazing focus to detail and accuracy. She can multi-task and is always there willing to help when needed.

Nicole was the go-to person while our company was transitioning focus from broadcast news to Internet. She was able to balance her job while teaching and helping her co-workers adjust to posting on line.

Nicole and I worked together at KPHO-TV. She taught me how to post stories online (and) helped create my social network accounts like Twitter and Facebook. I credit her for moving me into the era of Internet news.

Marya Piani - Phoenix


Since Nicole is no longer with the Patch…. News has been incredibly slow or no news at all anymore. [Source]

Robin – Palos Verdes Patch reader - Palos Verdes Peninsula, Calif.

Press Telegram logo

Nicole was a terrific intern who truly tried her hand at everything at the paper, from writing business stories to creating video content for the paper’s website. Her versatility is one of her best assets.

Karen Meeks - Long Beach, Calif.

Internet Broadcasting logo

Nicole is a remarkably detail-oriented editor who frequently goes above and beyond, displaying and utilizing a host of web-editing skills. Her knowledge of CSS and HTML make her invaluable when customizing content, sections, web pages, or troubleshooting display errors. She is adept at juggling multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment, and her sound news judgment, effortless knowledge of AP style, and independent initiatives help provide high-quality, comprehensive and engaging content.

Shelby Capacio - St. Paul, Minn.

Internet Broadcasting logo

Nicole is very driven to produce the best quality news stories she can. She is efficient with her time, diligent with her attention to detail, and dogged in her pursuit of information to make the story accurate and interesting to the reader. She is also willing to teach others how to make web news better and is not afraid to ask questions when she has a problem.

Larry Frum - U.S.