Food for thought and things that make you go hmm…

…are just two of the tags I use over at my Tumblr blog to categorize links I find noteworthy. That part of the site has become a repository of “interesting stuff” for me, and I encourage you to check it out. Plus, it helps me keep a handle on the number of bookmarked stories I have, and it keeps me from spamming all my Twitter followers with links. :) Should I follow your blog on Tumblr? Let me know!

Thoughts on ONA ’09

Having had so much fun at the Toronto convention, I decided to attend this year’s Online News Association Conference in San Francisco. It was a blast! I tweeted throughout the event (warning: there’s lots of snark); in fact, many of the convention attendees used the #ona09 hashtag to tweet their thoughts. I got to see a few friends — Joe Ruiz, Vanessa Bezic and Jess Ramos — listen to great speakers and learn lots of awesome new tricks. I’ve got … Read More