A quick comment on ‘no comment’

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You see it all the time on television. A reporter is badgering a government official, attorney or other source with questions, and the subject says, “No comment.” At this point, the reporter either shuts up or keeps asking questions. Personally, I’m not a fan of “no comment” as the only thing you tell a reporter. It can mean a multitude of things: “I have nothing to say about this.” “I’m not authorized to say anything about this.” “I don’t want … Read More

How to keep your web editors happy

Most newsroom jobs seem rather thankless most of the time, and that of a web editor is no different. We spend our days attending meetings, proof-reading copy, writing briefs, cutting video, putting up links for producers… the list goes on. We don’t work for the producer or the news director (at least in my newsroom) — we work for the producers, news director, reporters, marketers, sales reps, general manager, etc. And because not everyone knows the ins and outs of … Read More

Thoughts on ONA ’09

Having had so much fun at the Toronto convention, I decided to attend this year’s Online News Association Conference in San Francisco. It was a blast! I tweeted throughout the event (warning: there’s lots of snark); in fact, many of the convention attendees used the #ona09 hashtag to tweet their thoughts. I got to see a few friends — Joe Ruiz, Vanessa Bezic and Jess Ramos — listen to great speakers and learn lots of awesome new tricks. I’ve got … Read More

Using free services to improve your site

Though a media outlet’s content management system often covers everything that a site needs on a day-to-day basis, there are sometimes projects that the CMS doesn’t handle very well. In my short time out of school and in the workforce, I’ve discovered several free services that have capabilities the CMS may not. Yahoo! PipesEver feel a need to aggregate a bunch of RSS feeds? Yahoo! Pipes rocks for that sort of thing. There’s a little bit of a learning curve … Read More

Why I dislike @ricksanchezcnn (Or, what reporters should NOT do when using Twitter)

Lately, I’ve been hanging out on Twitter while I’m at work. I’ll answer viewer questions, solicit feedback on topics, etc. Through several months of listening and learning, my station’s account has more than 500 followers. I realize my station is not the only one to actively use the service; many other television stations, newspapers and even national media outlets use it, whether as a headlines feed or to receive feedback. That said, Rick Sanchez (@ricksanchezcnn, for those of you on … Read More

On enterprising stories through Twitter

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Several months ago, I decided to create a Twitter account for the station. Being a total newbie at the whole Twitter thing, I asked the 17 or so followers we had what I could do to make it better, and Jeff Moriarty (@jmoriarty) kindly obliged. Fast forward to two weeks ago. I’m in the middle of a weekly journalism discussion when Jeff sends me a direct message (a private message sent only to me): Pssst… question for ya: Have you … Read More