Food for thought and things that make you go hmm…

…are just two of the tags I use over at my Tumblr blog to categorize links I find noteworthy. That part of the site has become a repository of “interesting stuff” for me, and I encourage you to check it out. Plus, it helps me keep a handle on the number of bookmarked stories I have, and it keeps me from spamming all my Twitter followers with links. :) Should I follow your blog on Tumblr? Let me know!

PSA: New layout coming soon – Finished!

Since I started this blog, I’ve been meaning to design my own layout for it, and my unplanned and unexpected break has given me some extra time to do so. I should be done within a day or two; in the meantime, please bear with any display craziness. All done! In my opinion, ice cream is one of the best parts of summer (and, really, the rest of the year). Enjoy this sweet bite.

PSA: New old blog posts

I’ve just imported a few blog posts from the producer blog I maintained when I was in school; I figure it would be nice to have them here and not scattered across the Internet.